Monday, October 11, 2010

Holy shit man that map was trippy!

Great games tonight guys, jesus that teleporter map was INSANE. Just a suggestion: When you're the party Leader, make sure to ask the players what they want to before you choose the map/gametype, we had a couple of guys quit because they weren't happy with the choices, lets prevent that from happening in the future, this only works if we all cooperate. 
Sorry i had to leave a little early, but my head was killing me, just one of those days!

Ok, lets set up another game for tomorrow night! Same time same place, 22GMT/17EST, hope to see many of you there, we had a full party tonight! 

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  1. I try. I'm going to be fixing the spawn problem, removing the nighttime effect, expanding the softkill zone to prevent camping at the bottom, and I'll see what I can't do about the fall damage while I'm at it. I might just have to create a gametype specifically for the map with additional player health, because I couldn't find the fall damage switch. Thought for sure it was in game settings. If so, then at least I'll be able to set up weapons and loadouts proper.

    The problem is that if I aim all the teleporters towards the inside, then the direction you're traveling in converts to you facing backwards when you come out the other side. Then if I aim them all OUTSIDE, the same thing happens. I suppose I could just alternate them and have players moving/facing in both directions, but that would be even more chaotic.

    Also, going to be doing a tad more work on Fuzion Frenzy - the landmines and falling coils are spawning more frequently than they should be, but other than that it worked pretty much exactly how I wanted it to (which was AWESOME). I'd just never had enough people to have a proper game on it before.

    Expect more insane mini-game style maps from me in the future. That's like, what I do.